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After several years of experiment in production and trading in safety and traffic equipment as well as contacting with experts in this area, Imentraffic group intended to set up a full package named Imentraffic so as to create a clear collection with accurate technical information beside direct product providing. Thus, Imentraffic investigation team began to collect samples from different factories and then analyzed them. Now we select the best products among so many available ones and introduce them to our dear customers. After inquiring in neighboring countries, Imentraffic is introducing products regarding to export and creating employment opportunities. We succeeded in first steps and we hope to create a flourishing future in exports. Imentraffic is trying to create opportunities for employers so as to be able to contact with experts, companies and contractors in road construction, urban development, traffic anchors, urban furniture, street lighting and firefighting. Imentraffic team has also set up a sector for posting sell and buy ads of machinery and related accessories repairing. In this field people can directly contact with experts. Due to marketing purposes and for introduction of Imentraffic to other companies, we hope to be able to present contracting and trading companies to abroad customers.


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